The Cubic Meter: Why it Matters for Removalists in Sydney

The Cubic Meter: Why it Matters for Removalists in Sydney

I’m moving interstate, before I book a removalist what is the main industry jargon I need to understand?

Good question! Moving interstate is a little different fro moving locally, mainly because of the distance and generally when moving to from NSW to QLD, VIC or ACT you want a “fresh start” This normally means having a very good cull through your home and discarding anything you don’t want to cart all the way to your new home. This can be a boring but also rewarding and liberating task and we encourage you do get started at least 2 weeks before your move. It’s always less tedious to do a little bit at a time versus trying to do it all at once. Just remember, if you pack it and move it, you must unpack it at the other end! Countless times we have unpacked customer’s stuff and asked where they want it, and they respond “Oh, not sure I shouldn’t have bought that!”. So be a little bit ruthless and think hard about whether you need it or not. This also obviously helps with the move – less volume, less packing, less unpacking. Here is a list of the information you must become familiar with priore to moving:

The most important factor when moving interstate is: CUBIC METERS

Cubic meters are a volume measurement which most removalists will use to see how big your load is. 1 Cubic meter is 1m wide by 1m long, by 1m high. For example most removalists and storage centers use a large box called a “tea chest” – 6 of these equate to 1 cubic meter. A small chest freezer is normally about 1 cubic meter.

When using an online calculator or inventory list to calculate your volume, please be aware that it is worked on averages. For example not all chest freezers are 1 cubic meter. It may vary by .5 cbm. So when you receive a total, it will give or take about 2-3 cubic meters in total for a large load like 50cbm.

Because there is no “average volume home” for any given home, the BEST OPTION is ALWAYS to have a removalist visit your home to estimate volume instead of an online calculator. This is because the calculators are worked on averages as stated previously, but also there can be an  unlimited number of shapes in any home, so they may not always stack up perfectly in the truck to utilize all the space.

To save yourself all the hassle, hire a residential moving service provider. 

For a free home inspection for long distance moving service between NSW-VIC-ACT-QLD (as far north as Sunshine Coast) please call us on 1300 735 628


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