Do All Premium Removalists Offer Good Insurance?

Do All Premium Removalists Offer Good Insurance?

I’m moving soon, whats the go with insurance? Aren’t all removalists insured?


Good question! 


There is a lot of confusion about removalists and insurance. We are just like couriers, and take all care but no responsibility. Although we take precautions, and some removalists are better and more careful than others, there is no way we can rule out accidents altogether. At Sydney Removal Services we definitely focus on minimising the risk of an accident happening, and have a very low damage rate compared to other packers and movers in Sydney.


Moving in short, is RISKY. For example when you buy a front load washing machine at the store, it comes in a box with polystyrene packing and transit bolts to hold the drum in place. These obviously protect the unit against damage during transport. When you are moving home, 99/100 times the box is not available. Although a good removalist will wrap up the washing machine and tie it securely in the truck, there is no 100% guarantee it will not be damaged. The items in your home or office are stacked on top of each other, with the heaviest items at the bottom, then the medium-weight items on top, then the lighter weight items on top of that. This is a weight distribution technique to safely carry goods, however again there is no guarantee that something may break/scratch.


Because of this many insurers won’t even sell a policy for accidental damage during a move. Residential moving service providers by law are not able to include you in a policy, nor buy a policy for you.


We always take as much care as possible; however recommend to buy a policy from our recommended insurer


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