Commercial Moving Services

Commercial Moving Services


Commercial Moving Services in Sydney

Minimise your number of trips back and forth and move into your new office with experienced packers and movers. Quick delivery will propel quick resuming of work, saving you many kinds of business losses.

Read on to know more about our moving services in Sydney for commercial move—local, intestate, and international.




Our team specialise in loading & packing within a single trip, saving you time and money.



Whilst specialising in removals across Sydney, we have a large network of logistics partners to help with interstate and international moves too.



We provide packing & unpacking services on request to save you time and ensure even the most delicate of items are transported safely.



All options come with public liability insurance, however if you want to protect your goods throughout the move, we can arrange a policy specific to your move.



We come to you, professionally wrap what you need and take to our secure facility. If you need some or all of your items returned, we can get back to you within 48 hours.



Boxes are available to all of our customers on request, however come free with premium service options.

What do you Get with our Commercial Moving Services?

We offer a free on-site quote where we can devise a plan for your move. Office and commercial moves can be complex, with time restraints, loading dock bookings and sometimes after hours access. You can tell us all you need and share your thoughts when you book our services. Our moving team is committed to serving you and will leave no stone unturned to make the whole process extremely easy. Everything will be planned considering the best interests of your employees and all stakeholders. You can even customise the move as per your specific needs.

However big or small the move is, you will find we work efficiently and have vehicles fit for the purpose. Our big trucks can come packaged with small vans or utes in order to carry loads in tight places within the city such as car parks, docks or low clearance docks. Our professional crew members will tailor a move specific to you so you can have minimal downtime – this is all included in ourmoving service.

Additionally, you will love the company of our well-trained, warm, and courteous staff.





$65 / 30min




$85 / 30min




$140 / 30min




$180 / 30min

What is Included in our Professional Moving Service?

All work is done in-house by a friendly, careful, and punctual team of removalists as these help you in:

  • PC disconnect and reconnect services. It also includes printers and other electrical equipment.
  • Packing and relocate all documentation and filling systems without loss of secrecy.
  • Moving shelves, desks, rack, storage, and other units.
  • Relocating all furniture including disassembling and reassembling at the new site.
  • Removing and relocating cabinets.
  • Relocating office plants without any damage.

And…all these premium services come at an affordable price.

Call us to talk about your requirements or just email us to plan your commercial move with our expert moving services.




I've seen truck sizes quoted in tonnes. What does that mean?

Traditionally, truck measurements are in tonnes. Although there is a weight limit on what you can carry in a particular truck at any one time, a standard household will very rarely exceed what our trucks allow. At Sydney removal services our trucks are specifically designed to carry the weight of your household items and more so you don’t have to worry. We also take the guess work out by quoting in cubic metres instead. Cubic metres are more relevant to an average person moving than the actual weight of their things. For example if you were moving cans of soft drink, or gravel you would need to think about the weight capacity, however household items weigh nowhere near as much as heavy freight like so.

Volume is imperative – especially when coming to and from storage, storage units are also measured in cubic metres. Generally you only want to be doing one load to save on time and money. Our team will always ask you a series of questions in order to figure out the right size truck for you, and our aim is to get it done in one load to save you time.

I have multiple dropoff and/or pickup locations, can you make a detour?

Of course! We often pickup new furniture from retailers on the way to your new place, or even drop off furniture to friends and family. Another popular option is taking old worn furniture to the rubbish tip or to Vinnies. If you would like a multi-stop removal please let us know where and what you are picking up/dropping off. This way we can pack the truck and organise our drive in the most time efficient manner. This is great if you are buying from a retailer as you will no longer need to adhere to their delivery schedule and get your stuff all at the same time.

Are you insured? What does insurance cover?

Insurance is very clear, however a lot of removalists are purposely not clear in order to book your job. Moving is extremely risky, as you are not moving items “brand new in the box” with its original packaging. We are literally wrapping & stacking everything in your household into a truck, tetris-style then moving to your destination. This is why removalists can NEVER guarantee no damages no matter how good we are, and this is why most insurance companies WON’T EVEN SELL YOU A POLICY as the risk vs reward is not beneficial to them. In saying this, the best option is to book a reputable, careful removalist like us to minimise the risk of damages. If you are booking a cheap removalist, it’s highly likely they are inexperienced, not careful and put less care into moving your goods, or even worse they are a removal BROKER and sell your job/use dodgy sub-conctractors.

There are 2 types of insurance which relates to moving

Transit/Goods loading & unloading insurance

This covers the goods being moved if accidentally damaged while in transit or when loading/unloading.
Removalists by law cannot include you as a customer within their policy should they have one, nor book an insurance premium for you.
Be aware that some home & contents providers and some transit insurance policies only cover you for transit and not loading/unloading.

Public liability insurance

Although common, removalists are not required to have this policy. This typically covers damage to premises moving in/out of. For example dinging the wall or scratching the lift.
It also covers you& in-case a third party wants to sue you. For example a neighbour trips over a box in the common hallway and wants to sue you for injury compensation.

It clearly states on the fair trading website and by law that removalists are not liable for any damages to any of your items during a move. It is not required for a removalist to have any insurance at all but all good movers will have public liability insurance for at least $10 million. Be aware this DOES NOT COVER YOU FOR ACCIDENTAL DAMAGE TO GOODS BEING MOVED.

We ALWAYS RECOMMEND buying an insurance policy for accidental damage, if not for everything, at least for the items considered valuable, sentimental or difficult to move. Our recommended insurer is WWW.REMOVALSINSURANCE.COM.AU

In short moving is risky, and insurance companies are normally tough and lengthy to deal with, so to save the hassle – book a good removalist, and buy an accidental damage policy just in case. This must be purchased BEFORE the move takes place.

I'm confused with all this truck jargon! How do I know what truck/team configuration will suit my move?

When you make an enquiry we always ask lots of questions. This is so we can determine the right truck + team configuration to make sure your move is safe and efficient. The more accurate your answers the more accurate the quote will be. Our aim is to get a few key elements right :

Suitable manpower so job is safe and efficient (and doesn’t drag on forever)

Adequate sized truck to volume of goods being moved – ie: 1 load is always the goal unless in rare cases it’s easier and or safer for specific items to be transported separately

Work to any time constraints you may have

Can you move me to/from storage?

Yes. Our staff are experienced stackers and are skilled in utilizing every inch of that storage unit you’ve paid for. We can also provide storage and can calculate what space and what type of storage best suits you

I have a lot of stairs and/or difficult access, what team configuration should I use?

Our staff are strong and fit, however if the access is bad and/or we have to travel a long distance from the access point of your home/office to where the closest truck park is, 3-4 man teams are a lot more efficient. Alternatively we can use a truck + ute combo at additional cost. These are good for long steep driveways, or units/apartments/offices with long distance access via car parks or loading docks. Many apartment complexes do not let you use the front door which is often the easiest.

I am moving next door or within the same dwelling/building and don't need a truck

No problem at all. We can send you a labour team of 2+ men to cater for your needs. We do office and commercial work, even after hours.

How much faster is it with 3 people?

Adding a 3rd person to your move speeds the process by up to 30-40%. It is also a lot safer if you have bad access and/or heavy items. When the workload is shared between 3 people we have more energy and power through the move quicker. Not to mention those big heavy items like side X side fridges & solid buffets are alot easier.

But doesn't more men mean more $ ?!

No not necessarily. An age old question in moving is “Should we use 2 or 3 men?”. The time-based rate is different but when totalled it’s generally the same as using 3 men is much faster than 2. Also with larger moves, or moves with lots of big items 4 men is great as you have 2 sets of 2 men. 2 men are required to move most large furniture items.

I don't have time to pack and really can’t be bothered – can you pack for me?

Yes we have a valet packing option where we can pack you on the day of move, or if it is a larger move or if you prefer we can pack on a date prior to your move day. We can also unpack you at the other end and take away the boxes. Enquire about our home setup service where we place items in drawers, make beds and have your house up and running immediately.

No two moves are the same, and we’re happy to cater for any packing/unpacking needs. We only use high quality materials to ensure the safe transport of your belongings.

How long does it take to pack an average house? What is involved?

A 2-3 person packing team can pack up to an average 3 bedroom home in 4-7 hours (generally). The packing team will wrap fragile objects such as kitchenware, antiques and glassware in butchers paper and pack carefully in boxes. We pack anything and everything, label it so we know the destination room on the other end. This is also a good chance for us to disassemble furniture which is not suitable to travel assembled – bed frames, large desks, dining tables etc. If you have special items like large canvas artworks, we can also bubblewrap and prep these for transit.

I don't need help packing, but need boxes and packing material can you supply?

Yes we can deliver you a moving kit, with boxes and wrapping paper prior to your move. You have the option to hire or buy.

I have an item that won’t fit through the door and I don’t have the skills/tools to disassemble, can you help?

Yes. Our teams are equipped with all the tools necessary to disassemble most household and office furniture. If you require a pre-pack we will disassemble on the pre-pack date, otherwise we can do it on the move date itself.

Can I help with the move to speed things up?

Yes, for insurance reasons you cannot enter the truck, but you are welcome to move items to and from the outside of the truck.

I have a particularly heavy/awkward item that needs moving, can you accommodate?

We have special tools, trolleys and techniques to move heavy, large or awkward items . Please discuss with us prior to your booking so we can arrange the necessary team configuration and special requirements. Photos are always handy as well.

I need to take my fridge doors off to get it out the door, can you help?

We can remove most doors from most models. Please call us to confirm.

What are your payment methods?

We accept cash, EFT mastercard & visa. Payment is to be made on completion of job.

Do you work public holidays?

We work every day excluding Australia Day, Anzac Day, Queens Birthday, Christmas Day, New Years Day and New years Eve

Do you move pianos?

We move all types of pianos. Prices start at $150 on top of normal moving rate, depending on type and difficulty of access



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